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8 Effective Ways to Gain Weight

Although numerous people are obese and want weight loss, some want to gain a little weight.
If you use unhealthy ways to gain weight, you will put your health at risk. Remember that your health is more important than anything else and should not be threatened.
So for gaining weight efficiently and safely, use healthy methods such as a weight gain diet plan.
Here are eight effective ways to gain weight:

1. Increase Your Calories to Gain Weight

Everything you eat has calories (energy). Just as you need to reduce your calorie intake to lose weight, you need to increase your calorie intake to gain weight. By adding 500 calories a day, you will gain about 2 kg at the end of the 4th week.
You need to add high-calorie foods to your weight gain diet.
Legumes, cereals, meat, rice, bread, dairies, avocado, olive, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds are good choices to gain weight. Just do the following:
• Add some vegetables such as green beans, broccoli, kale, carrots, lettuce, spinach, artichokes, pumpkin, eggplant, etc., to your weight gain diet.
• Add some amount of low-fat meat, skinless chicken, and fish to your diet. Be careful not to overeat red meats; your goal is to gain weight, not cholesterol!
• You can even add a lot of olive oil to your foods.
• Add some nuts and seeds to your foods.
• Replace low-fat dairies with whole dairies. Many years ago, scientists believed that full-fat dairies are harmful to health, but this claim has been disproved today.

Unhealthy foods such as fast foods and chocolates, candy, sweets, etc., which are high in sugar, are not healthy, although they are high in calories.

2. Increase Meal Frequency for Gaining Weight

As said before, you need to increase the calories in your diet to gain weight. But including all the extra calories in the main meals may seem a little challenging. So it would be best if you eat more frequently. Here are some recommendations for increasing meal frequency. Eat six meals a day, three main meals and three snacks. Do not forget to eat a snack before bedtime.
If you eat regularly every 3 to 4 hours, your body will have a constant level of calories intake. When you have a continuous energy level, weight gain occurs in all parts of the body, and you don't gain just belly fat.
• Eat nuts and dried fruits as snacks.
• Try fresh fruits and peanut butter.
• The combination of honey, nut powder, and seeds is also a good snack choice.
• Greek yogurt is an excellent snack.

3. Eat More Protein in Your Weight Gain Diet

Increasing calories can help you gain weight, but you need protein to build muscle. You should eat protein-rich foods like eggs, meat, chicken, fish, beans, chickpea, lentils, cheese, milk, etc.
Protein contains amino acids that the body needs to build muscle. By eating these high-protein foods, you will gain muscle.
Note that your body can't store protein, so overeating protein will not benefit you and will be excreted from your body.

4. Eat Healthy Fats to Gain Weight

Some people think that fats are bad for your health. Fats are not always harmful. Your body needs fat to function properly, but the kind of fat you eat and the amount of that are also important. Especially for you trying to gain weight, more healthy fats in your weight gain diet would be helpful.
Fats are essential for the production of some hormones, including testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone necessary to build and strengthen muscles. So you should not forget the healthy fats in your weight gain diet.
In addition, healthy fats such as omega-3, which are found in large amounts in fish, nuts, some seeds, avocados, and olives, are good for keeping your heart healthy and help maintain brain wellness.

5. Use Gainer Supplements

Don't have enough time to cook? Use gainer supplement to gain weight. You can add these supplements to juice, milk, or water and enjoy them.
Gainers give you a lot of calories in a small volume and make it easy to get a ton of calories and gain weight.

6. Do Yoga to Gain Weight!

It's maybe a little strange, but yoga can help you to gain weight.
Stress is one factor that affects your metabolism and makes it difficult for you to gain weight. Yoga can reduce your stress, increase your appetite, and finally help you to gain weight. Usually, people who do yoga or have less stress also have a healthier weight.

7. Don't Forget Doing Exercise to Gain Weight!

If your weight gain is only due to gaining fat, it is unhealthy. To achieve a healthy weight, you need to build a lot of muscle in addition to fat. Muscle building does not happen unless you make exercise a habit.
So do exercises regularly, both strength and aerobic training.

8. Use 24-H Recall Method for Gaining Weight

If you want to gain weight, you should have a food recall and write down anything you eat during a day on it. These routines will help you better understand your eating habits and what you eat daily.
Having a food recall allows you to reduce bad eating habits and replace them with good ones. Good eating habits will help you gain weight over time.

The bottom line

Gaining weight, the same as losing weight, is a long way, and you have to be patient during your journey. Sometimes medical interventions are needed to gain weight, so it is recommended to consult with a dietitian or a nutritionist before starting any weight gain method.

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