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These days we have seen a wide variety of online diets and programs that confuses us in choosing the right diet plan! On the other hand, some dishonest, charming online diets offered by non-professionals are all over the web to empty our pockets, besides causing side effects in the long term.
Therefore, getting help from certified nutritionists and dietitians is the first thing you need to reach your health ideals. No matter how bad your previous diet plans were, Oxfordiet is here to be your expert nutrition consultant. We are here for you to achieve your desired result.
Our online diets are based on the latest treatment methods and science recommended by experienced scientists. We design and adjust these online diets upon each person's clinical and metabolic, character, and physical conditions, so all online diets are unique.

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Sedentary: Little or no exercise and desk job Lightly Active: Light daily activity and some exercise 1-3 days a week Moderately Active: Moderately active daily life and exercise 3-5 days a week Very Active: Physically demanding life style and hard exercise or sports 6-7 days a week Extremely Active: Hard daily exercise or sports and physically job
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Online Diet

Register now on Oxfordiet, and get your online diet plan from certified registered dietitians.

Free Consult

If you have any nutritional questions, you can get free nutrition advice from our dietitians.

Daily food menu

For more convenience and ease of online dieting and greater efficiency in the online diet plan, a daily food menu is set and sent to you.

Personalized diet plan

Your online diet plan is unique. In other word, Your online diet plan is appropriate for your specific needs and can not be used by other people.

Provide food choices

If you do not have access to any of the foods listed in your online diet plan, suitable food replacements based on your diet will be sent.

Adjust diet according to your taste

Everyone's diet is different from each other. We are adjusting your diet plan to focus on your unique needs and provides the best options that match your lifestyle.

Supplementation if necessary

Order and afford various dietary supplements & multivitamins-multimineral for use in the online diet plan if our nutritionist is diagnosed and required for you.

Full support during the diet

This center's nutritionist will fully answer your questions and provide services to you during the online diet plan. You will benefit from free support during the online diet.

Science-based diet

According to the world's newest scientific principles, experienced dietitians adjust all the online diet plans to have the most results and the least side effects for you.

Diet guarantee

After getting a diet, if you are unhappy with your online diet plan, your diet will be re-evaluated and changed by our dietitians and resend for you a new diet plan.

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