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3 Important Steps to Have a Healthy Lifestyle

Have a Healthy Diet

Choosing a healthy diet is the first step and one of the health triangle's sides for your body.

Daily Physical Activity

Physical activity is another aspect of the triangle, meaning that you should spend at least 30 min warming your body every day.

Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is the last and inevitable side of the health triangle that maximizes your diet outcome.

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Study your body, Get Healthy! The more you know about your body, the more we can help you with a perfect online diet that fits you. For an initial assessment, you need to measure your height and weight. If you have access to other tools, giving us waist and hip circumference with the wrist size would help a lot.

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ژ 1-118

A Mediterranean Meal Plan adjusted for a 41 years old man with tree nuts allergies.

ژ 1-117

A Mediterranean Diet Plan for a 27 years old woman with fatty liver and anaemia.

ژ 1-116

A Mediterranean Diet for a 42-year-old woman with hypertension.

ژ 1-115

A Mediterranean diet for a 29-year-old woman with cardiovascular disease.

ژ 1-78

A diabetic diet for a breastfeeding mother with diabetes type 2 and hypothyroidism

ژ 1-77

Diabetic diet for a 27 years old man with 180 cm in height and 110 kg in weight and have diabetes type 1 and hyperlipidemia

ژ 1-76

A diabetic diet for a 57 years old man with kidney transplant, anemia and diabetes

ژ 1-75

Diabetic diet for 30 years old vegetarian woman with iron deficiency anemia and fatty liver grade I

ژ 1-74

Diabetes diet for a 40 Years old man with 175 cm in height and 90 kg in weight is adjusted, he is vegetarian and smoke 15 cigarette per day

ژ 1-73

A diabetic diet for a 50 years old woman with 157 cm in height and 58 kg in weight, She uses metformin and rosuvastatin

ژ 1-72

Gestational diabetes diet for a 26 YO woman with hypertension. She has one fetus and want a Diet for control blood glucose and hypertension

ژ 1-71

A good diet for 30 years old woman with gestational diabetes in 22th week of pregnancy and has 2 fetus

ژ 1-70

A diet for diabetic patient with type 2 diabetes without any other health problem

ژ 1-69

A diabetic diet plan for a 54 years old woman with obese and diabetes type 2

ژ 1-68

A diabetic diet for a 34 years old pregnant woman in 20th week of pregnancy and has 1 fetus.

Why are we doing what we're doing?

Our mission is to improve your health condition at Oxfordiet. This will happens through our nutrition and diet therapy experience. At every stage of your healthy diet journey, we are here for you. Your health matters; that's why we do it! And that's how we do it:

Employing the best dietitians
Performing individual counselling
Analysis of laboratory results
Full support during the online diet 24/7
Adjust online diet according to your taste
Track your online diet with our nutritionist
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Since FODMAPs are not absorbed comfortably by the bowel, they start and worsen the symptoms of IBS. Foods that do not contain carbohydrates, such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, butter, oils, and hard cheeses, are not a concern.

ژ 1-153

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or acid reflux is a condition characterized by returning stomach contents to the esophagus or mouth. With a proper diet and change your lifestyle, you can cure acid reflux.

ژ 1-149

In order to prevent NAFLD, people should be encouraged to have a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and proper nutrition, which play an important role in both the prevention and treatment of NAFLD.

ژ 1-128

Proper nutrition is critical for athletes, and ignoring it can seriously damage the athlete and negatively affect her/his performance.

ژ 1-119

Gaining weight is more complicated than many people think. These people believe that we eat well and gain weight. But the truth is that not everything is so simple, and gaining weight can be even more challenging than losing weight.

ژ 1-109

Some people have suggested that a ketogenic diet might help a person with diabetes, But let's see what science says.

ژ 1-108

There are some benefits to using an online diet instead of a face-to-face diet. In this article, we will explain the benefits of getting an online diet for you.

ژ 1-97

Having proper support in online services is one of the most important parts of any online business. The role of online support in online nutrition services seems to be more important. In this article, we review the impact of support on the success of the online diet.

ژ 1-93

Here is a list of all of the probable symptoms that may occur, and we will check and link them to their particular food substances.

ژ 1-92

Which foods can improve your immune system strength? In the continue, you read about them.

ژ 1-91

Triglycerides are fat particles in the blood that come from the food we eat. Most of the fat intake, such as butter, oils, and portions of margarine, are in triglyceride shape. Excess calories, alcohol...

ژ 1-90

HDL or high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, also called "good" cholesterol, can ease the blood flow and prevent subsequent diseases due to the lipids. HDL removes the bad cholesterol or LDL...

ژ 1-89

What is LDL or Bad cholesterol? Which foods can lowering LDL cholesterol? One of the valuable ways of lowering the LDL level is following a Low LDL diet, But how can we have a low cholesterol diet?

ژ 1-85

Can we trust the information is available on the internet about online renal diet? Evaluation of the quality of renal diet information on the internet

ژ 1-83

Can an online diet help you maintain weight in the long term? Comparison between the effect of online diet and face-to-face diet on long-term weight loss.