The information about online kidney diet available on the Internet is reliable?

Chronic kidney disease or kidney failure is caused by the loss of nephrons (kidney cells). The destruction of nephrons may occur due to several factors such as diabetes, hypertension, etc.
A healthy diet and lifestyle have a significant impact on controlling the risk factors of chronic kidney disease. Also, people with kidney failure should have their specific diet to prevent a high load on the kidneys. The range of dietary restrictions varies at each stage of chronic kidney disease, and at each stage, a different diet should be adjusted for the patient.
Suppose patients with chronic kidney disease do not follow a proper diet. In that case, the extra load on the kidneys can lead to kidney failure, and finally, they need dialysis and kidney transplantation.
Therefore, having a kidney diet is very important for these patients.

Can we trust the information about online renal diet on the Internet?

You have probably seen and read a lot about diet in kidney disease. Many texts on websites, YouTube videos, Instagram posts, etc., that all recommend you about the renal diet. But how much of this information is correct, and can you trust it?
The first point is because the kidney diet is so complicated and must be carefully adjusted; a simple diet can not be recommended for all people with chronic kidney disease.
The second point is that according to this study, only 18% of the information and videos about the online kidney diet available on the Internet are reliable and safe. This article states that you can only trust the information about online renal diet provided by the government, medical center, registered dietitians and nutritionists.
Because misinformation about the kidney diet can cause irreversible damage to your kidneys and take you to the hospital, you need to be very careful about the information you read or see about the online kidney diet on the internet.
Another study of online diet apps for kidney patients found that only about 47% of these online diet apps used scientific evidence for an online renal diet. In fact, of the 21 online kidney diet apps, only ten provided the patient with the correct information and the rest were incorrect.
In this article, it was said that mobile applications designed to provide an online diet for kidney patients could be used to increase the knowledge of these patients about the renal diet and should not be used instead of dietitians.

Where can I find the right information about kidney online diet?

As we said, you can get reliable information about the online diet for chronic kidney disease from government referrals, well-known health sites such as WHO, NHS, CDC, etc. or from registered nutritionists. If you want to make sure the information on a website is correct, you can contact the site support and make sure that a registered dietitian is responsible for you.
You can also find complete and accurate data in nutrition reference books such as Krauss, Mother Nutrition, etc. The most reliable source for proper nutrition in various diseases include renal diet, is nutrition reference books that have been written based on years of research and study in the field of nutrition and diet therapy.


A lot of information about kidney online diet is available to everyone on the internet. This information is a combination of incorrect data and correct information, and it can not be said with certainty that this information is accurate.
The information available about the Kidney Online Diet is useful for increasing your knowledge in this area. But, you should not rely only on this information, and you should consult a renal dietitian.
To ensure the correctness of the Internet's information about online renal diet, you should get this information from government agencies, medical centers or nutritionists.
If you want to get an online renal diet, make sure you get your diet from a nutritionist, and the website you get your online diet links you directly to a dietitian.

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