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What Kind of Online Diet Is Better for You?

Online diet service is one of the newest tools in the health field based on the Internet, and its goal is to make nutritional services and diet therapy available to everyone.
Despite the variety of online diet services, the question arises what kind of service is better for you to choose to receive an online diet? If you are looking for an online diet, you will probably find many websites that offer you an online diet by searching on Google. But are these sites reliable? To answer these questions, let's look at different online diet sites.

In general, we have three types of websites or web services that provide online diet. The computer adjusts the first type of online diet, and the nutritionist has no role in setting it. The second type is entirely set by a nutritionist and uploaded on the website.
And finally, the third type is designed by a computer and modified by a dietitian and sent to you.

In the first type of online diet, your condition may not be fully considered in the diet. Therefore, the effectiveness of these diets is low, and you may not be able to get the desired result.
On the other hand, because these types of online diet plans are programmed, the diet they adjust has not enough flexibility. Also, many points must be observed in any diet; a computer program can not get into your diet's details and adjust it entirely to you.
One of the advantages of online diets is that they are prepared very quickly. You can see your online diet plan immediately after paying the cost.

In the second type of online diet, a dietitian completely adjusts and uploads your diet, so all your conditions are considered in that diet plan.
In this type of online diet, all your conditions and diseases effectively adjust and change the diet. Also, because nutritionists have to update their information every time, they use the latest scientific findings in your diet to improve your condition and make you healthier.
In this type of diet, you will be in touch with your dietitian, and you can benefit from their support and tips.
One of the drawbacks of this type of online diet is that it may take 2-3 days to prepare your diet because it takes time to adjust it. However, this diet's pros overcome its cons.

The third type of online diet is a combination of the first two types. A computer adjusts your diet, then a dietitian reviews and rewrites it to fix the problems and then sends it to you. This diet does not take much time to prepare because you do not need to spend time adjusting it thoroughly, and you can receive your online diet within a few hours after the request.

What Science Says about the Online Diet

Since the online diet has recently gained popularity and spread among the people, not many studies have been done on the online diet and its effect on changing people's lifestyles.
However, some studies and articles have studied the impact of the online diet and its effectiveness on people.
For example, in this article is about an online diet's effectiveness in weight loss, which later on the effectiveness was proven. Or in another article, the effect of online diets on people with celiac disease was discussed. After an online diet, their condition was improved.

These articles did not discuss whether a computer-designed online diet (type 1) could also be beneficial or not? So Alline Belegoli, MD, Ph.D. and her partners begin researching online diets and their effect on enhancing lifestyle.
In this article, they said that in the online diet, adjusted by the dietitian and have online support by a nutritionist during the diet, effectiveness was significantly greater than when the computer was modified and sent to the client.

Another study analyzed the difference between online nutrition services under the supervision of a registered dietitian and services under the control of a non-registered dietitian. According to this study, online nutrition services that are not under the supervision of a registered dietitian emphasize the use of slimming drugs and supplements. In contrast, the services under the supervision of a registered dietitian focused on proper nutrition and a healthy diet.
Also, online diet services under the supervision of a registered dietitian emphasize scientific evidence and scientifically proven findings. In contrast, on websites that are not under the supervision of a certified dietitian, most of the data is based on public beliefs and is unreliable.


According to the above studies, the best online diet services are those managed by a registered dietitian.
An online diet adjusted by a dietitian pays more attention to your health, and priority is diet and a healthy lifestyle. In contrast, diets adjusted by non-dietitians prioritize the use of medications and supplements. Finally, the online diet's efficiency followed by a dietitian is much higher than the online diet set and sent to you by the computer. If you want to get your diet from an online diet provider, be sure to ask the website support which prepares your online diet.

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