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Going Gluten-Free: 7 Surprising Facts You Should Know if You Want to Achieve Dietary Success



Written for gluten-free dieters and their doctors, this condensed and easy-to-digest compilation of years of medical and nutritional research explains why people aren't healing on the gluten-free diet as we know it and offers solutions for modifying that diet so that the reader can begin to truly heal.
For instance, did you know that 50% of celiacs also show sensitivity to dairy? Did you know that there are parts of wheat besides gluten that could be causing you harm? Did you also know that products labelled "gluten-free" can contain some amount of gluten in them and that the threshold of how much gluten is safe is actually controversial? These topics and more are explained in the book. The author also provides links to further resources.

Whether you are new to gluten-free or have been gluten-free for a while but still aren't feeling 100%, this book will help you to regain control over your health.



Are you new to gluten-free? Or have you been gluten-free for a while but still continue to have chronic symptoms of one kind or another? Either way, the seven facts in this book will help you achieve dietary success.
But first, a little about me: everyone’s gluten story is different. My story has changed—a lot. At first, I was “just” gluten-free. I have been gluten-free since 2001, long before “gluten-free” began trending in cyberspace and the marketplace. I diagnosed myself after a childhood of chronic illness and a young adulthood writhing in abdominal discomfort.
In 2011, I launched the community website, Stuffed Pepper. It was meant to be a collective, where people in the gluten-free space could share knowledge and ideas of the gluten-free lifestyle. I envisioned my role as a facilitator of discussions and a curator of resources.
But something strange happened to me as I began Stuffed Pepper. After several years of a not very careful gluten-free diet, because no doctor gave me a definitive diagnosis of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, and thus no one indoctrinated me on the right way to go gluten-free, I became sick all over again. I developed terrible brain fogs, debilitating insomnia and began reacting to other foods beyond gluten, putting my digestive system in a constant state of distress. I removed dairy and soy from my diet, but it turned out I was reacting to an inexplicably large variety of foods, meaning I had developed intestinal permeability (also known as “leaky gut”), as well as candida (excess yeast in the gut), and I had the inability to digest most sugars. My conventional doctor didn’t believe any of it. Not gluten sensitivity. Not yeast overgrowth. Not leaky gut.
Fifteen years later, I feel that I am finally getting back to a state of normalcy. Much of this is due to conducting my own medical and nutritional research, listening to my own body, and hearing anecdotal stories of others who have reversed autoimmune diseases or found health again through diet. Now, I have finally found the right diet for celiac and the right path to optimized health. I don’t want you to have to go through a decade and a half of research or trial and error before you start to feel well again. That’s why I started Stuffed Pepper. And that’s why I wrote this book, meant for both celiacs and those with gluten sensitivity.

The following are seven things you need to know about going gluten-free that you might not have considered yet. This will help you get on the right path to dietary success. And when you have finished reading and understanding these facts, please download a free gluten-free meal plan at Stuffed Pepper, and cash in your 50% off coupon code for our 30-day plan, if you’d like.


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