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Mediterranean Diet: Sample 114

A Mediterranean diet for a 29-year-old woman with cardiovascular disease, a height of 154 cm, and a weight of 50 kg have referred to our dietitian to receive a Mediterranean diet. According to her condition and history, a proper diet for this lady has been arranged.

Personal Information for Online Diet Adjustment

Gender: Female
: 29 years old
: 50 kg
: 154 cm

Illness: Cardiovascular disease
: -
Food allergies
: -
Activity level
: Lightly active

Caution: This diet is adjusted based on this patient's particular conditions and should not be used in similar cases.

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♦ You can eat one of the written recipes for each meal in your Mediterranean Diet.
♦ There is nothing wrong with eating vegetables in your Mediterranean Diet and eating as much as you want.
♦ Drink at least 7 glasses of water per day in your Mediterranean Diet.
♦ Increase your daily activity by at least 45 minutes, 3 times per week. Physical activity is an important part of the Mediterranean Diet.
♦ It's Better to eat red, orange, and yellow fruit as your fruit portion of the Mediterranean Diet. ♦ You can see Nuts serving in the fat Exchange list.

Exchange Lists













Treatment of Diabetes with Diet

Mediterranean Diet is characterized as a pattern of food consumption. There is more than one Mediterranean diet, and they refer to the food culture of the populations in the Mediterranean area. Mediterranean diet has many effects on increasing your health and preventing and treating some diseases.
Olive oil is a massive part of the Mediterranean diet, and it should be prepared and purchased from reliable stores because sometimes the oil can be contaminated by mycotoxin.
One of the important issues that may be forgotten in the Mediterranean diet is exercise and physical activities. The Mediterranean diet is a lifestyle, and it is more than a simple diet. According to the Mediterranean lifestyle, being active is needed to follow the Mediterranean diet.
Mediterranean diet insists on cooking and taking fresh foods, so it may be hard to prepare for some people.
In the Mediterranean diet, your lifestyle should change, and you should eat a series of foods in your diet, including olive oil,  beans, nuts, and legumes, whole grains, low-fat dairy, fresh fruits, raw vegetables, enough water, and a small portion of red wine.
At least 30 minutes of exercise, especially specialty aerobic exercise, is recommended in the Mediterranean diet.
You should avoid some foods in the Mediterranean diet, including refined grains, trans fats, sugary foods, processed meat, processed foods, and fried foods.

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