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Irish Section Conference 2021: Nutrition, Health and Ageing - Translating Science Into Practice


This conference will explore current issues in relation to nutritional status in specific chronic diseases associated with aging populations, including metabolic health, cognitive function, and sarcopenia. Strategies to address these issues will also be discussed, including the development of novel biomarkers of nutrient status and dietary intervention approaches as well as approaches to enhance screening and assessment and implications for food and nutrition policy.
This year, for the first time, the Postgraduate and main Irish Section meeting will amalgamate with the first day of the event dedicated to the Postgraduate Conference.
The Postgraduate Conference will focus on providing students with an insight into a wide range of nutrition-related careers, followed by a series of informative talks on preparing your CV, writing for publication, minding your mental health, and dissemination on social media. This year, for the first time, we will host a Thesis-in-Three event where selected speakers will present their work in just 3 minutes, with prizes up for grabs for the best presentations.