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Is Online Diet Good or Bad?

Recently, online services have become very popular. (1) Diet is no exception to this rule, and online diet services have become very common lately. Now the question is whether the online diet is good or bad?
This article will review the online diet and its advantages and disadvantages. Online diet services grow very fast; you have probably seen many advertisements for online diet services or celebrities who advertise online diet sites and slimming products. But to what extent are these ads real, and how can we trust them?
First things first! You need to make sure that a certified dietitian sets your diet if you want to use online diet services. The second issue in getting an online diet is to make sure that a specific online diet is designed for you and not a one-size-fits-all diet. And the third issue is to ensure that all your conditions, including illnesses, eating habits, bedtime and wake-up time, and other specific conditions, are considered in an online diet.

Positive Points About Online Diet

You Can Take an Online Diet Whenever You Want

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the online diet is that you do not need to spend a lot of time going to a nutritionist.
While you are at home or work, you can easily log in to the online diet services with your mobile phone, submit your request, and wait for your diet to adjust by a dietitian and sent to you. If you do not have enough time to go to a nutrition clinic and diet therapy due to your daily activities, online diet services seem to be the right choice.

Your Online Diet Is Always by Your Side

Another reason for the popularity of the online diet is that your diet plan is always with you.
In the past, dietitians used to write diets on paper, and there were problems such as transportation, diet plan loss, etc. Still, today with the propagation of online diet services, this problem has been solved. You no longer have to worry about these issues, Because your diet is always available on your mobile phone or laptop.

Supported by a Nutritionist During the Online Diet Period

Most online diet services, including Oxfordiet, have online support throughout your diet. This means that if you have any questions or problems during your diet, you can ask your supporter at any time of the day and get your answer.
While in face-to-face diets, it is rarely possible for you to contact your dietitian at any time. Of course, 24-hour support may not be available at all online diet service, but Oxfordiet gives you 24/7 online support.

Track Your Food and Share It With Your Dietitian

Some online diet services allow you to track food and share it with your dietitian, which will help you have better control over your online diet plan. Plus, if something goes wrong with your online diet or you have a mistake in preparing your online diet plan, your nutritionist will help you fix it.

Access to a Large Number of Nutritionists

Distance does not limit you to access every dietitian you want with online diet services. You have access to different nutritionists around the world. It does not matter where you live, America, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, or anywhere in the world; you can easily access the best nutritionists in the world.

You Can Easily Access Your Records

Your medical records are stored in online diet systems, and you can access them whenever you want. Besides, the online diet service will provide you with helpful information about your physical condition by analyzing your data.

Negative Points About Online Diet

Some Online Diet Services Are Automated

Do not rely on online diets set up and sent to you immediately after your payment. These diets are machine-made and not designed specifically for you. These types of diets do not consider your specific needs and may harm your health.
So before you get an online diet plan from an online diet provider, make sure their diets are not machine-adjusted, and a dietitian sets an online diet plan for you.
To ensure that a certified dietitian adjusts your online diet, you can contact the support team of online diet services.

Internet Issue

The internet, like many electronic systems, can be disrupted. As a result, the service from which you provided your online diet may be unavailable for hours. Of course, despite the significant improvements in the internet and online services, you should not worry about this issue too much; however, there is always the possibility of internet disturbance.

You Should Do the Necessary Body Assessments

One of the biggest problems with online dieting is that you have to do body assessments yourself. Because many people do not have the training to assess their bodies, there is a possibility of measurement error.
On the other hand, many people do not have access to measuring tools such as scales, meters, BIA, etc. It can be an obstacle for people to receive an online diet. Therefore, to adjust the online diet, we have to be supplied with the assessment of the body made by the client (although it may not be correct) and adjust the online diet based on it.

It’s Not Face to Face

Another disadvantage to the online diet is that it is not facing to face. Of course, despite the development of video calling applications such as Skype, this problem has been resolved so that you can video call with your dietitian.
However, some people still want to go to a diet clinic and see their dietitian.
Despite the new Corona Virus, this issue can not be considered one of the online diet cons. It can even be one of the pros.


By reviewing the pros and cons of online dieting, you can take advantage of the benefits of using online dieting services.
Despite the problems that exist in the path of online diet, it has a bright future ahead.
The important thing about getting an online diet is to make sure your online diet plan is set for you by a certified dietitian, and the diet should be specific to you.

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